Doggie Daycare

Wear out your Dog, Not your Wallet! All-Day-Care for $20!
And the first day is free!

Let your loved one relish in all the amenities of a spa for the day, so you can both rest at night.
We’ve created an all-day doggie daycare package that will allow your dog to return home content
and safe for $20.

Your dog's day will include:

  • A morning exercise break in a spacious play area, or substitute for a walk outside.
  • Breakfast of Champions – Customized meal plans.
  • Another exercise break or walk.
  • Playtime... YAY!!!
  • Kick back in their own private suite to nap or watch the “live reality show” going on around them.
  • Playtime Again... YAY!!!
  • Dinner is served.
  • Yet another exercise break or walk.
  • YAY! Mom’s here – can I please come back tomorrow to play with my friends?

Your dog will have an action packed day of fun, safe from disease and injury that often comes from large unsupervised groups. And the first day is free! Simply call to reserve a spot and try it out at no charge.



Playtimes-a-plenty Included
Ball Toss, Walk’n Talk, Massage Me, Buddy Time, Lap of Luxury, or Dog Decides

Bathing Beauty! Price Varies
We’ll get 'em ready for lovin'

Nail trim $12
So you don't have to

Second dog in the same suite 30% off
They'll enjoy the company

Adjoining rooms available for big parties!

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